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Good vs. Bad Carbs

Is a low-carb diet right for you? Carbohydrates have become quite the topic of conversation in the health and wellness scene as more people are turning to low-carb eating. However, are all carbohydrates bad? Read on to learn more about...
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Dr. Eric Serrano’s 4 Step Ab Circuit

An efficient exercise to sculpt a six-pack and increase functional strength How to Prep for This Ab Circuit Step1: Set up your benches To perform this exercise, you’ll need at least 1 bench that you can adjust after every exercise....
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The Highest Food Sources of Each Vitamin & Mineral

Getting our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat is easier said than done. While it’s essential that we always remember to take a food-first approach, there are a few reasons we may not be able to get everything...
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Multivitamins 101: Do you need one?

by Rebecca Jacobs Multivitamins are one of the most common supplements used in America. In fact, half of American adults are taking some form of vitamins. According to Hopkins Medicine, this number jumps up to 70% for older adults age...
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Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein: Which One is Best?

by Rebecca Jacobs No matter what diet you follow, whether you eat meat or not, protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. And, while protein is often associated with muscle growth, it does so much more. We need...
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