5 Ways to Supercharge Your Muscle Building Workout

We all see the people at the gym lifting weights day in and day out for years while seemingly not getting any stronger. Maybe this is you? I’ve always felt that if you’re going to be putting in the time,...
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2 Ways Meditation Can Increase Your Workout Results

You probably know the health benefits of physical exercise: The release of endorphins in your brain The decreased risk of chronic diseases Longevity Overall physical health ...the list is almost endless. There are an equal amount of ways you can...
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Improving Your Golf Game with Dawn to Dusk

The PGA championships are ahead of us! Which reminds me of a couple of questions I get from my golf buddies right around this time. What does it take to maintain athletic focus at a consistently high level at all...
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Choosing a Workout Plan

Ready, Set, GO! So you’re ready to get after it. You have a goal in mind and you can’t wait to get started. Now what? How do you turn your goal and your motivation into results? More than anything else,...
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Setting Goals That Matter

I’ve previously written about motivation and having a plan, but I read something recently about goals that made me think. The other day, one of my favorite comedians made an interesting point on instagram. He wasn’t even talking about fitness...
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